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Blog Research Treatment & therapies
‘Dangerous data’: drinking after dependence: Part 1: Why the heat?
Mike Ashton of the Drug and Alcohol Findings Effectiveness Bank serialises the project’s essay...
Created On: 29 June 2021   (Last updated: 08 July 2021)
Blog Methods Research
5 Things nobody told me about running a double-blind human study
Ben Houghton writes about the randomised controlled trials and tribulations of running a double-blind...
Created On: 07 June 2021   (Last updated: 07 June 2021)
Blog Harm reduction Policy
Harm reduction month: vaping and public health
In this last in our series of articles for harm reduction month, Rob Calder...
Created On: 04 June 2021   (Last updated: 04 June 2021)
Blog Factsheets Treatment & therapies
An introduction to autism by Dr Janine Robinson and Chris Torry
Dr Janine Robinson and Chris Torry from the from the Substance use, Alcohol and...
Created On: 02 June 2021   (Last updated: 02 June 2021)
Blog Policy Treatment & therapies
Research analysis: Payment by Results and hospital admissions
The implications of pay-for-performance models of addiction treatment funding for policy and practice. This...
Created On: 01 June 2021   (Last updated: 01 June 2021)
Blog Harm reduction
Public Health England: ‘Preventable bacterial infections remain a problem’
Bacterial infections may be less likely to make the headlines than fatal overdoses and...
Created On: 28 May 2021   (Last updated: 28 May 2021)
How photos used to illustrate articles about alcohol and other drugs may perpetuate stigma
Dr. Stephen Parkin writes about some of the inadvertent consequences of using photos about...
Created On: 25 May 2021   (Last updated: 25 May 2021)
Blog Harm reduction Policy
Reframing the debate about drug consumption rooms
To continue May’s harm reduction theme, Natalie Davies writes about an intervention yet to...
Created On: 14 May 2021   (Last updated: 14 May 2021)
Blog Harm reduction News
In the news: needle exchange programmes
Natalie Davies examines an effort to increase regulations on needle exchange programmes in West...
Created On: 07 May 2021   (Last updated: 07 May 2021)
Blog Harm reduction
The best of harm reduction
Rob Calder writes about this important, and sometimes hotly debated, issue. The SSA website...
Created On: 07 May 2021   (Last updated: 07 May 2021)