Conference Support

The Society provides funding toward other organisations’ conferences which support the aims of the Society. In particular we aim to give funding for events that increase the scientific understanding of addiction and its treatment amongst clinicians and policy makers.


Support will only be given to conferences and similar events from members or student associates of the Society, including the Board of Trustees.

Co-sponsors are welcomed, and the Society will continue to support some joint initiatives with other international bodies or groups of international researchers.

The Society will not support initiatives that also receive support linked to the alcohol, tobacco or gambling industries.

All Society-funded events should produce content suitable for publication on the Society’s website.

Applicants should show evidence of how they would address future funding. The Society will not usually fund the same or similar event on subsequent occasions.


A budget of £30,000 p.a. will be allocated to support addiction-focussed conferences, available in three equal tranches of £10,000 at three deadlines, with a maximum of £5,000 for a single conference. Applications must be received prior to the regular Trustees’ meetings in March, July and November, by the following dates each year:

  • 14 February
  • 13 June
  • 10 October

Applications are not considered retrospectively and to allow the Trustees sufficient time to review a proposal, query, clarify and where necessary agree modifications before final agreement, please submit your application allowing two months between the deadline and the event itself.

The Board reserve the right to increase or decrease project and conference funding levels in future years based on the Society’s financial performance and reserves available. Applicants should submit a proposal using the form below. The proposal must contain:

  • a) CV of proposer – no more than two sides of A4. The proposer must be a single individual who will liaise with the Society on behalf of the project team.
  • b) The aims of the conference.
  • c) Relationship of the conference to the aims and objectives of the Society.
  • d) The potential involvement – practical and/or financial – of SSA Trustees and other members.
  • e) Planning and execution timeline for the proposed event.
  • f) Full budget details:
    • i) A complete, itemised, detailed breakdown of all costs must be provided
    • ii) Proposals must state: ‘This is the full and entire budget requested for this funding proposal. I, on behalf of the organisers, understand and accept that the SSA will not fund un-budgeted overspends. In the event that the proposed budget is likely to be exceeded, the SSA will be consulted in advance, and its consent requested’
    • iii) Proposers must specify contingency plans in case of budget over-runs, and specify which area(s) of the proposal has the potential to exceed the budget
    • iv) Preferred funding schedule (for negotiation with the Society’s Board of Trustees)
  • g) Conference outputs, including key objectives essential for the success of the event.
  • h) Details of the agenda, invited speakers and, where applicable, full analysis of any prior years’ conferences.
  • i) Dissemination plan for outputs.

Proposals should be sent to the President of the Society at the Executive Office address.

The Executive Office will assess applications to ensure the applicant has supplied sufficient detail, and the application meets the stipulations set out above. Suitable proposals will be considered by the Trustees at their subsequent regular meeting.

Applicants should be informed of decisions within two weeks of the Trustees’ meeting and if not already decided, nominate a Trustee to liaise with the applicant.

Requests for additional funding can normally only be approved at a Trustees’ meeting. Prior to the meeting a full budget and plan justifying the additional support should be circulated to the Trustees.

The nominated Trustee should provide short written reports of the progress of the event for Trustees’ meetings.

Any publication arising from the event should acknowledge the Society as a funder.

The application form is available here.

After submitting your completed application, please email to request acknowledgement BEFORE the deadline or it will not be considered.