Posters - SSA Annual Conference 2020

Conference Posters 2020: Student-led research

Dasha Anderson

People who use cannabis for pleasure and pain are not the same: A comparison of cannabis use patterns among recreational and medical cannabis users from the Global Drug Survey

Alexandra Bakou

Brief negative affect focused functional imagery training abolishes stress induced alcohol choice in hazardous student drinkers

Zoe Campbell

Subtypes of alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorder: a systematic review

Amber Copeland

Modelling value-based decision-making in regular alcohol consumers after experimental manipulation of the value of alcohol

Adrian Deen

Deaths from Novel Psychoactive Substances: Evaluating the Impact of the Psychoactive Substances Act (2016). May 2013 – May 2019

Martin Fisher

Compulsive helping and polyvagal theory

Julija Gecaite-Stonciene

Problematic internet use and mental distress in students: the role of impulsivity

Daria Gramenitskaya

Cortical thickness abnormalities in abstinent substance-dependent individuals

Ningyuan Guo

Intervention combining interactive communication technologies and nicotine replacement therapy sampling for proactively recruited smokers in smoking hotspots in Hong Kong: preliminary analysis of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Catherine Hitch

Exploring enablers and barriers to help-seeking, for military veterans with mental health and alcohol difficulties? A qualitative systematic review

Catherine Hitch

Latent class analysis of Northern Ireland veterans regarding mental health and alcohol issues

Catherine Hitch

What are the enablers and barriers to help-seeking for military veterans with mental health and alcohol difficulties? A systematic review

Benjamin Houghton

Can intranasal oxytocin reduce craving in automated addictive behaviours? A systematic review

Marie Jameson

Kinship care and parental substance use: Developing responsive and effective services

Dimitra Kale

A longitudinal study of electronic cigarette use among adult smokers: association with smoking cessation, motivation to quit and trait impulsivity

Kimberley McBrayer

'Just as expensive as sending him to college': Barriers and perceptions of treatment in justice-involved youth

John Mc Quaide

Clinical guidelines for the treatment of individuals with severe, long-term alcohol dependence or alcohol use disorder: a systematic review

Karen Megranahan

Non-pharmacological interventions for substance misuse: A rapid overview of Cochrane systematic reviews

Merve Mollaahmetoglu

Momentary fluctuations in rumination and their temporal association with craving, alcohol consumption and alcohol related consequences

Victoria Mowat

A service evaluation of patients prescribed methadone at high doses and/or concurrently taking rack cocaine

Jenny Nicholson

Mindfulness in Early Addiction Recovery (MEAR): Exploring the acceptability and effectiveness of a new rolling programme

Emmert Roberts

Specialist community alcohol treatment in England since the introduction of the Health and Social Care Act 2012

Samantha Sallie

Alcohol consumption patterns during isolation from the COVID-19 pandemic: Highlighting negative emotionality mechanisms

Samantha Sallie

Online gaming and pornography consumption during COVID-19 isolation: Highlighting distinct avenues of problematic internet use

Katherine Sawyer

Views about integrating smoking cessation treatment within psychological services for patients with common mental illness: a multi-perspective qualitative study

Martine Skumlien

COVID-19-related changes in apathy and anhedonia, in adolescent and adult cannabis users and controls

Ms Zoe Swithenbank

Smoking cessation interventions in substance use treatment services: a staff perspective

Harry Tattan-Birch

What are people vaping in England? Trends in usage and purchase of e-cigarette device types and heated tobacco products from 2016 to 2020

Jamie Torrance

‘It’s basically everywhere’. Young adults' perceptions of gambling advertising in the UK

Anna Tovmasyan

Affective states and alcohol consumption during COVID-19 pandemic: A pre-registered experience sampling study

Leon Y. Xiao

Loot box prevalence and video game companies’ interpretations of loot box probability disclosure regulations in the People’s Republic of China

Xiaoyu Zhang

Binge drinking, drunkenness and depressive symptoms in Hong Kong secondary school students

Xiaoyu Zhang

Light drinking was associated with depressive symptoms in Hong Kong secondary school students

Sheng Zhi Zhao

Decreasing motivation to quit in Hong Kong community smokers: A secondary analysis of Quit-to-Win smoking cessation trials (2009-2018)

Conference Posters 2020: Non-student

Michael Armstrong

Legal cannabis market shares during Canada’s first year of recreational legalisation

Jamie Brown

Epidemic of youth nicotine addiction? What does the National Youth Tobacco Survey 2017-2019 reveal about high school e-cigarette use in the USA?

Devon De Silva

Service user satisfaction with GLOVES; a boxing based Pilot Programme

Devon De Silva & Arun Dhandayudham

Staff experience of remote service delivery during the Covid-19 pandemic

Dragos Dragomir-Stanciu

Evaluation of a gambling therapy outreach support model as an intervention response to COVID-19 lockdown

Robert Heirene

A randomised control trial to evaluate messages that promote limit setting and the effects of limits on online gambling behaviour

Patrick Horgan

Audit of opioid substitution treatment during Covid-19

Olga McGowan

Alcohol related brain damage in the over 65s: Reliability of the diagnosis and outcomes over time

Tricia McQuarrie

Community based interventions for problematic substance use in later life: A systematic review of evaluated studies and their outcomes

Erzsebet Mehesz

Reduced subcortical grey matter volume in substance dependence

Jan Melichar

Benefits of 24/96 Buvidal assisted recovery in South Wales – Rapid service development due to enhanced country wide Covid-19 funding of this long acting buprenorphine formulation

James Morris

Promoting problem recognition amongst harmful drinkers: a conceptual model for problem framing factors

Benjamin Ramasubbu & Rian O'Regan

Thiamine prescription practices in primary care

Kiran Santlal

The Club Drugs Clinic Ireland, HSE National Drug Treatment Centre - Management of GHB/GBL detoxification, and the increasing popularity of chemsex

Rowena Smith

Addressing the unmet health needs of patients in an alcohol and drug detox unit

Chris Weatherburn

Non-fatal overdose multidisciplinary inter-professional meetings - New way of working