Posters - SSA Annual Symposium 2015

Symposium Poster 2015: Research project

Dr Martin Becker

Individualised treatment of alcohol dependent patients with baclofen: A clinical observation

Dr Daniel Mogford

Medical comorbidity and projected survival in a cohort of patients admitted to a specialist addictions inpatient unit

Dr Christos Kouimtsidis

Structured preparation for alcohol detoxification. The theoretical process underlying the Abstinence Preparation Group intervention

Ms. Hannah Farrimond

A typology of vaping: Identifying differing beliefs, motivations for use, identity and political interest amongst e-cigarette users

Dr Sarah Gentry

CEASe: CEssation for substance Abusers from Smoking - A qualitative systematic review

Dr Christos Kouimtsidis

A feasibility study of a psychological intervention to address alcohol misuse for people with mild learning disability leaving in the community. EBI-LD trial.

Ms Hannah Parke

Understanding drinking in middle-aged men: a systematic review of motivations and experiences

Dr Martyn Harling

The factors involved in shaping the attitudes of health and social care students toward illicit drug use: A mixed method study

Dr Davina Swan

Blood borne virus risk behaviours among people who inject drugs in the UK: A qualitative exploration

Dr Charles Cornford

Contraceptive use and pregnancy outcomes among opioid drug-using women: A retrospective cohort study

A comparison of three types of web-based inhibition training for the reduction of alcohol consumption in problem drinkers: Preliminary results

Dr Kylie Reed

Buprenorphine in a novel lyophilised instant-melt formulation: Testing safety and pharmacokinetics