Posters - SSA Annual Symposium 2016

Symposium Posters 2016: Research Project

Dr Nour Alhusein

Designing a filter to prevent infections with spore-forming bacteria in Heroin-injecting drug users

Dr Ved Baruah

The Asian Cocaine Crisis: Pharmaceuticals, consumers and control in South and East Asia, c. 1900-1945

Dr Bridgette Bewick

Student perceptions of digital addiction

Mr Peter Dutey-Magni

Exploring the 'teachable moment’: logic model of an alcohol brief intervention in breast screening and symptomatic breast clinics

Miss Katherine East

Demographic and social correlates of harm perceptions of e-cigarettes and nicotine among youth in Great Britain

Dr Tom Freeman

A brief mindfulness intervention for hazardous drinkers: randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled experimental study

Mr Mohamed Zakir Karuvetil

Blood borne diseases among addiction patients seeking outpatient treatment in a tertiary addictions management service in Singapore

Dr Christos Kouimtsidis

Alcohol misuse and people with Learning Disabilities living in the community. Results of the EBI-LD study

Dr Blessing Marandure

Self-reported reasons for voluntary abstinences by adolescent cannabis users

Dr Geoff McCombe

Integrating Primary and Secondary Care to optimise hepatitis C treatment: development and evaluation of a multidisciplinary educational ‘Masterclass’ series

Dr Geoff McCombe

To evaluate the effectiveness of an opportunistic outreach fibroscanning service to a community based drug treatment clinic in Dublin

Dr Caitlin Notley

Preventing uptake of smoking by young people; proposing a school based peer intervention - opinions of pupils (age14/15) and their teachers

Dr AshaRani PV

The clinical utility of lofexidine and diazepam in reducing the craving in patients undergoing opioid detoxification

Miss Eirini Tatsi

Loneliness and food addiction: How important is emotion dysregulation and impulsivity?

Elle Wadsworth

The dynamic environment of cryptomarkets: the turnover of NPS And vendors selling NPS

Dr Sam Wright

Hear me now: Family experiences of end of life care for people using alcohol and drugs

Dr Felix Naughton

The acceptability of and real time engagement with a context-aware smartphone smoking cessation app (Q Sense)

Dr Sharon Cox

Understanding the world through the bottom of a glass: alcohol dependence factors affecting social and emotional processing

Symposium Posters 2016: Student-led

Mr Amen Alrobai

Using technology-based intervention to combat digital addiction: potentials and risks

Miss Sophie Betka

Interoception and activation in the anterior insula cortex in binge drinkers

Dr Bridgette Bewick

Student perceptions of digital addiction: A Q-methodology study

Mr Carl Buckfield

Differences in associative learning between light and heavy drinkers

Marianne Erskine-Shaw

Group influence on alcohol-induced risk-taking

Ms Chandni Hindocha

No smoke without tobacco: a global overview of cannabis and tobacco routes of administration and their association with intention to quit

Dr Jo-Hanna Ivers

A naturalistic longitudinal analysis of post-detoxification outcome predictors in opioid-dependent patients

Dr Rebecca Lawrence

Systematic review to determine which validated measurement tools can be used to assess risk of problematic analgesic use in patients with chronic pain

Mr Mateo Leganes

Effects of acute alcohol administration on interoception

Miss Laura Medina-Perucha

Study protocol: Design of a public health service to promote safe sex among women receiving opioid substitution treatment in community pharmacy

Miss Francesca Sawer

The role of shame in alcohol dependence; Narratives from those in recovery

Miss Joanne Smith

Exploring the role of social belonging and popularity in UK student drinking behaviour

Mrs Nancy Tamimi

Knowledge, attitudes and beliefs towards e-cigarettes among e-cigarettes users and stop smoking advisors in South East England: a qualitative study

Dr Joseph Tay Wee Teck

Tracking internet interest in anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) using Google Trends

Mrs Naomi Waddell

Interpersonal trauma, substance misuse and pregnancy - A phenomenological exploration of pregnant women and midwives in Scotland

Dr Judit Ward

Adding value to research: Information literacy standards in addiction science